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Fox Chain O’ Lakes
The Fox Chain O' Lakes is located in northeastern Illinois approximately 45 miles northwest of Chicago. The villages of Antioch, Fox Lake, and Lake Villa are the gateways to the Fox Chain.

The Chain is a series of nine major lakes, which cover approximately 6400 surface acres and are connected by channels and the Fox River.

The lakes vary widely in depth, bottom content, water clarity, current, and structure. Most of the lakeshore is developed, however the upper portion of the Fox River runs through the Chain O’ Lakes State Park, which offers natural areas and wildlife for viewing.

The Fox River flows through the Chain, and the water levels are controlled by the Stratton Lock and Dam in McHenry.

The Chain is home to many species of game fish including walleye, largemouth bass and muskie, as well as a large variety of panfish. The Chain hosts many fishing tournaments throughout the year.

Chain O' Lakes Launch Site #1
C. Haling & Sons Marina

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Chain O' Lakes Launch Site #2
Port of Blarney

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Geneva Lake
Geneva Lake is located approximately 50 miles southwest of Milwaukee in Walworth County, Wisconsin. The towns of Lake Geneva, Fontana, and Williams Bay are all located on the shoreline of Geneva Lake.

Geneva Lake is a deep, clear, drainage and spring fed body of water. It is approximately 8 miles long covering 5262 surface acres, with a maximum depth of 135 feet and over 20 miles of shoreline.

Geneva Lake has a wide variety of underwater fish holding structure, such as points, flats, weed-beds, offshore reefs, rocky drop-off areas, and underwater cribs. Depending on the season, all these areas hold fish, making Geneva Lake a structure fisherman’s dream lake.

Geneva Lake contains many species of game fish including smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, northern pike, musky, lake trout and walleye. It also has a wide variety of panfish. The lake has a large and diverse forage base, including panfish, minnows, shiners, ciscoes, and crawfish. This forage sustains the game fish population and helps them grow.

Geneva Lake is one of southern Wisconsin’s premier smallmouth bass fisheries. It hosts many bass fishing tournaments during the year.

Geneva Launch Site
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Delavan Lake

Delavan Lake is located approximately 60 miles southwest of Milwaukee in Walworth County.

Delavan Lake is a drainage basin lake formed by a dam in the lake’s northwestern corner. Water flows into the lake from creeks and springs and flows out through Turtle Creek. The majority of the shoreline is developed. The lake surface covers 2072 acres with a maximum depth of 54 feet.

The lake has an interesting history. In 1989, the Wisconsin DNR eradicated the entire fish population, which had been overrun with carp, by poisoning the lake with rotenone. In 1990, they began an aggressive fish stocking program and the lake was closed to all fishing for two years. When the lake reopened in 1992, the success was apparent. Lots of fish and lots of big fish.

Delavan Lake contains many species of game fish, including largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, walleye, northern pike and muskie. Panfish, including crappie, perch, and bluegill are abundant. Juvenile panfish and minnows are the primary forage base.

The lake bottom contains areas of rock, gravel, and sand along with muck. There are several major lake points which provide good fishing. Several underwater rock bars and other steep drop off areas provide additional fishing opportunities. A strong weed line develops around 15 feet of water. The water is clear, but not gin clear like nearby Geneva Lake.

Lake Delavan Launch Site #1
Lake Lawn Lodge Marina

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Public Launch

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